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Uplifted By Love

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What would life be without hope? Several months after Hurricane Ike, a case-worker from the Area Agency on Aging visited The Jesse Tree’s temporary quarters at Holy Rosary Church. Her lament was that an 89 year old woman had come to her wits end living in a local motel, while what was left of her earthly possessions had been left to rot in her flooded apartment.

Although eligible for emergency housing the woman had no furniture, no transportation and desperately wanted to retrieve some belongings from the apartment that had been her home for many years. The Jesse Tree dispatched a team to accompany the case-worker and her client to see how they could help resolve this sad situation. Despite the filth and destruction of the flood, the dear woman found some pots and pans, a chair and a few remnants of her former life.

Together, they cleaned and moved the few valuables into the new apartment, set-up a bed (given by Jesse Tree staff members) and helped her begin her life anew. Uplifting stories reveal the true nature of The Jesse Tree. Damaged, hurt and broken lives are healed by kindness and loving works of mercy. Dignity is restored and life is sustained by hope. Accompany The Jesse Tree team on this mission of mercy, and rejoice in knowing that one kind lady's heart was uplifted by love.