Senior Food Boxes

The Jesse Tree delivers senior food boxes to senior residents. Every month The Jesse Tree provides senior food boxes to residents at the Holland House, Gulf Breeze and The Oaks.

We also provide screenings and classes.

For more information or if you wish to volunteer for this event,
call (409) 762-2233 or email us at

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The Senior Nutrition and Wellness Program

Over the years, The Jesse Tree strives to shift people’s thinking from “food” to “nutrition”; the reason behind this lies in the fact that the human body depends upon good nutrition for wellness.  Sadly, poverty drives people toward less expensive foods and usually, there is a significant cost in nutrition, as well.  The unhealthy American diet tends to over-provide carbohydrates, such as pasta and noodles, because they are less expensive and filling.  People living on this diet often over-eat in an effort to feel “full” while failing to acquire the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they might acquire by choosing a fruit or vegetable.  Cost is often the culprit behind these choices – just walk down the aisle of fresh produce in the grocery store and you will see the prices!  Food Banks are often over-stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables that might spoil in transit, so, The Jesse Tree hosts events at which these items are given at no cost to participants who are also invited to avail themselves of medical testing, health education or enrollment in social service programs.  The Jesse Tree has also developed a curriculum to teach people with multiple chronic medical conditions how to achieve better health through improved nutrition and a healthy shift in lifestyle that helps them manage these chronic conditions.

Therefore, although many homebound or disabled seniors would rather choose to simply have a food box delivered to their door, The Jesse Tree insists that they participate more fully in discovering how and what they can be doing to improve nutrition and improve their health.  This runs the gamut from learning how to eat new and healthier fruits and vegetables to attending classes, health screenings and working closely with volunteers to make medical appointments or obtain lower-cost prescriptions.  The box is seen as a reward for taking action toward better health.  Other costly incentives, such as bed-pads, adult undergarments (diapers), and other medical supplies are offered to those actively participating in their improved health.  The socialization aspect of the visit is also positive.  Depression affects a significant percentage of seniors and disabled individuals and socializing can both help combat Depression or allow others to observe that the individual needs additional assistance.

For the past twenty-five years, The Jesse Tree has coordinated improved nutrition for the seniors and disabled individuals living in Galveston’s Public Housing.  Holland House, Gulf Breeze, and The Oaks are the residential facilities that we visit monthly to deliver the boxes and offer these services. Most people are unaware that Public Housing does not automatically provide case management unless additional funding is acquired, so, seniors and disabled individuals are basically on their own to find resources and services.  Their eligibility to live in this particular form of housing is strictly based on age, disability, and income – these represent some of the poorest individuals in our community.

If you are interested in assisting with this very worthwhile program, please contact us for more information.  (409) 762 – 2233 or email


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